Course Schedule

Schedule is tentative. Check regularly for updates. Readings beginning with “E” are from Eisenstein’s Natural Language Processing, while readings beginning with “JM” are from Jurafsky and Martin’s Speech and Language Processing.

1/17 Two Cultures of Linguistics E1
1/20 Two Cultures of Linguistics (Part 2) and Naive Bayes E2.1-2.2;4.1;4.3-4.4; JM4 HW1 out
1/24 Naive Bayes (Part 2) and Logistic Regression E2.5-2.7; JM5
1/27 Logistic Regression (Part 2)
1/31 Logistic Regression (Part 3); Evaluation; and Perceptrons: 1; 2 E2.3-2.4;2.8
2/3 Multilayer Perceptrons and Neural Networks E3.1-3.3; JM7 HW1 Due; HW2 out
2/7 Computation Graphs Baydin et al. 2015
2/10 Vector Semantics E14; JM6
2/14 Word2vec
2/17 SVD; Word2vec and GloVe; and Creating Dense Vectors HW2 Due; HW3 out wevi; wevi slides
2/28 Hidden Markov Models and Conditional Models E7.1-7.4;8.1; JM8;A
3/3 Conditional Random Fields and Structured Perceptrons E7.5
3/7 Quiz
3/10 Syntax E9.2; JM17.1-17.5;D HW3 Due; HW4 out
3/14 Earley Algorithm
3/17 CKY Algorithm E10.1-10.2; JM17.6
3/21 Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars E10.3-10.4; JMC
3/24 Dependency Parsing E11; JM18 HW4 Due; HW5 out
3/28 Recurrent Neural Networks: 1; 2; 3 E6.3;7.6; JM9
3/31 RNNs Under the Hood
4/4 Statistical and Neural Machine Translation E18;JM13 HW5 Due; HW6 out
4/14 Attention and Transformers JM10
4/18 Attention and Transformers (Part 2) JM11
4/21 Prompting Liu et al. 2023
4/25 Transformers Recap; Question Answering; and Semantics JM14 HW6 Due
4/28 Quiz HW7 out
5/12 HW7 Due